Holding $XRPLedgerETF entitles you to
great Investment Club Member benefits.
  • Earn 5% APY monthly rewards – distributed in $XRPLedgerETF
  • Earn your share of portfolio profits – distributed in XRP semi-annually
  • Vote on portfolio tokens

Next Club Member Rewards Distribution In:

Hold at least 1.0 $XRPLedgerETF
Earn 5% APY

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What is XRPLedgerETF?

XRPLedgerETF is a community driven investment club with a focus on projects across multiple sectors in the XRPL ecosystem. Rewards payments will take place at the end of each month at a yearly rate of 5%, and profit distributions will take place semi-annually on June 30th and December 31st. Both rewards and profit distributions will be paid out in equal proportion to all investors. 

XRPLedgerETF is a highly speculative investment and not suitable for every investor.

Club Member News

The latest news and project reports


Jan 24, 2022
Air Drop
Mar 21, 2022
Board of Investors Inception
Q3 2022
Launch Club Member Voting Portal
Dec 31, 2022
Second Bi-Annual Profit Distribution
Feb 28, 2022
First Rewards Payment
Jun 30, 2022
First Bi-Annual Profit Distribution
Q3 2022
Launch New Website