Club Member Update – What to expect?

1) With the airdrop approaching we wanted to take a moment and update our Club Members on what to expect.

2) What you own in $XRPLedgerETF:
i. A share of the club’s token holdings equal to your $XRPLedgerETF token holdings.
ii. The right to influence board decisions on investments, tokenomics, and possible special rewards.
iii. Monthly Holder Rewards (Dividend Rewards) at 5% per year, based on your holding.
iv. The right to receive a profit distribution (in XRP) based on how many native tokens you hold.

3) We don’t control the price of the token and hope those who receive the air drop will hold on to their tokens as we progress through our roadmap together. Regardless of the price movement (up or down) of the token itself, remember that each token represents your fractional membership in the club and must be held in your wallet with an active trust line when monthly dividends are distributed in $XRPLedgerETF, and when bi-annual profits are distributed in XRP.

4) The first of these distributions will be the $XRPLedgerETF monthly holder reward (dividend reward), on January 31st.

5) Club Members will be able to follow the progress of the Club’s portfolio via our social media and website. While we cannot guarantee profits, you can count on our best efforts to find good token prices that we believe will appreciate in value. We hope to prove our financial skills by displaying portfolio gains that beat the broad market.