Broad Crypto Market Update 1

We still recommend to exercise extreme caution when entering new positions under the current market conditions. Macro-Indicators still suggest that we are entering or have already entered a bear market, still awaiting further confirmation. This could be a good entry for projects you really believe in, think valuable Layer 1’s and User Friendly Layer 2’s. Savvy traders can find a lot of success in high delta environments such as this, however we still recommend maintaining a low to delta neutral crypto portfolio for the time being. We’re personally looking at Prism and Agora right now as potentially lucrative Defi projects, as yield farming is still one of the best strategies to deploy at the time of writing. Be wary of a potential ICO bubble in specific projects with overly ambitious goals. Continue to do due diligence, and as always, never invest more than you’re willing to take a substantial hit on.