The First Community Based XRPL Fund

What is XRPLedgerETF?

XRPLedgerETF is a community driven investment club with a focus on projects across multiple sectors in the XRPL ecosystem. Rewards payments will take place at the end of each month at a yearly rate of 5%, and profit distributions will take place semi-annually on June 30th and December 31st. Both rewards and profit distributions will be paid out in equal proportion to all investors.  

$XRPLedgerETF is a highly speculative investment and not suitable for every investor. The tokens are issued with no inherent value and are only backed up by the faith of the investors of the token and the tokens the fund is invested in. In the event the token becomes worthless, the portfolio will be liquidated and all presale buyers will be paid out their initial investment proportionally first. The liquidation payments will then follow the funding round in chronological sequence with preference to earlier investors. This is not a legal investment product and is not secured by any insuring or government agency. Investors assume all risk of the token potentially going to zero.

Token StructureInitial Issued Supply: 1,000,000 $XRPLedgerETF

  • 5% Airdrop
  • 10% Presale
  • 49.5% Reserve
  • 29% Rewards Payments
  • 6.5% Management Allocation

Portfolio StructureSubject to change via Club Member Vote or Abstract Market Event

  • 20% Growth

    XRPL Growth Projects

  • 25% NFTs

    XRPL NFT Projects

  • 10% Environmental

    XRPL Environmental Projects

  • 15% XRP

    XRP Reserve

  • 15% DeFi

    XRPL DeFi Projects

  • 5% Reserve/Balancing Buffer

  • 10% Exchange Funds

    XRPL Exchange Fund Projects

Club Wallets

Team Wallets